let go of fear


We believe that there is a place where infinitely small and infinitely large converge, where vintage technologies and new innovations can hold hands and spin. We seek, in Robert Bresson's words, "to attain that heart of the heart," which is present in every frame, waiting to be discovered. We believe in media that turns the spectator inward, to identify with something or someone that they never imagined they would before. That's why we are committed to working on projects that not only spark empathy, but vex the surreal out of the mundane. 


1. Partner with artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits and companies to create media that can elicit empathy. 

2. Change the conversation around neurodiversity and promote voices of under-represented communities.

Forrest Lotterhos

Founder and Creative Director

Forrest is an artistic media professional with an act for disruption. His first love is music and he takes his advanced sensory skills into every creative project. With over 5 years of experience in post-production roles, Forrest is thorough and detail-oriented in his approach at completing video and sound editing projects in alignment with time and budget restrictions. He is eager to apply an aptitude for unique sound design, visual style and storytelling finesse to contribute to creative teams, one-off projects, or on-going contract work.