Forrest Lotterhos

Artistic media professional adept at completing video and sound editing projects in alignment with time and budget restrictions shown over 4 years in editing roles. Eager to apply an aptitude for sound design, visual style and storytelling finesse to contribute to any creative team, one-off project, or on-going freelance work.

I have been a performing musician and music producer for over 10 years. I volunteer to record and produce youth vocalists ages 8-20. I love to write, cook, paint, collage, and make beautiful things.

let go of fear


I believe that there is a place where infinitely small and infinitely large converge, where vintage technologies and new innovations can hold hands and spin. I seek, in Robert Bresson's words, "to attain that heart of the heart," which is present in every frame, waiting to be discovered. I believe in media that turns the spectator inward, to identify with something or someone that they never imagined they would before. That's why I am committed to working on projects that not only spark empathy, but vex the surreal out of the mundane. 


1. Partner with artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits and companies to create media that can elicit empathy. 

2. Be a rockstar.